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Join Sean and the Team for webinar series on different topics, bound by one common goal.  To help you claim the success that is rightfully destined to be yours

Sean G. Murphy

Sean is a professional trainer, awakener and inspirational speaker who has 30+ years experience in the mastery of sales training. This farm boy from Ohio, helped companies reach $100,000,000 in annual sales, expand into over 30+ countries and territories all with a simple understanding, When you truly care about people, growth happens as new members enroll and existing customers stay. He is an expert of motivation, inspiration and accountability with his teachings being translated into 30 languages. He has spoken from stage to audiences in over 32 countries. Sean’s ability to move people into action sent him on a path as as globally recognized speaker and trainer. He is the founder of Mental Profits, a training and consulting company that takes marketing messages and forward facing marketing content and turns it into client acquisition and increased sales volume. He continues to be recognized as a highly specialized marketing consultant, relied upon by CEO’s and CMO’s. His clients range from presidents of small to global business including 7 figure earners. One of his favorite clients is former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox. He works with him and his team directly at the 1st presidential library in all of Latin America. When not helping his clients make shifts in their mental thinking to increase their profits, Sean’s most important goal is to be a better husband and a better father.

Lisa Faeder Grossman

Lisa Grossman and her business partner, Curtis Broome are Black Diamonds with an international company and have an organization of more than 150,000 worldwide and generate a 7 figure annual income for their position.

In addition to being a top performer and annual million dollar earner, Lisa fully understands the business side of the profession to such an extent that she is constantly sought out by companies and leadership for her insight, guidance and coaching expertise

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