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 Over 25 years consulting across all business models and styles. Former international business owner understands how to manage a "hands off" success structure. Team posses over 150 year of experience in MLM and traditional business. Let us turn your challenges into profits.

Corporate Network Marketing 

Do you need to STOP Attrition in your company?

Has your Story been lost to the White Coat Syndrome?

Do you need more members to your Convention... and it's only weeks away?
Are you merging companies, and you need to get your story streamlined? 

 As Vice President of Sales for a $100M annual sales MLM company, I was responsible for US, MX, CN & EU markets.  Also understand building from Distributor perspective domestically and internationally. Consulting clients range from Start Ups to $100+MM in annual sales.  Team has  experience on a GLOBAL basis to assist your needs.  No challenge we have not experienced or fixed. 

Public Speaking

25 years of experience. Currently at $15,000 for hour keynote. Learn the highest paying skill possilbe, Professional Speaking. Was taught by the Father of Public Speaking; Gove/Siebold team. If your message has to move people into action, there is a skill for that. If you sell product 1 on 1 or from the Platform, there are unique skills for that. 
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 Poster from my Speaking Event 
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