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Sean has traveled to 33 different countries,           3 different continents to speak in front of thousands and to teach people how to think, speak and act to create their ultimate dream income.  This farmboy in Ohio has helped companies achieve hundreds of millions in increased sales maximizing their profits and you can learn with Sean.

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Stop Procrastination

Procrastination, when we put off doing something that we're supposed to is a form of avoidance.  LIke every form of avoidance, procrastination can oftentimes feel right or justifiable. Unlike social anxiety, phobias and other form of avoidance, however, this can be difficult to pinpoint when it is happening. 

In this series, Sean is going to show you highly effective procedures on how to beat procrastination and rise above this challenge.  Sean will teach you to maximize your time and ensure that you take every step to manage your time wisely. 

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Sean's Facebook Live Video

Sean has compiled all his facebook videos with contents on many different topics close to his heart.  From beating procrastination, to gratitude, to law of attraction, it's a mix of videos along with some big people in the industry, all designed to help you become the person you are meant to be.


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